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Such a Good Liar by Sue Wallman

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Thank you to NetGalley and Sue Wallman for a free ecopy in exchange for my honest review.

Shannon’s mother was murdered by the children of her ludicrously wealthy employers. She also happens to know—and look like—a family friend. Posing as the equally rich Lydia Cornwallis, Shannon is invited into the very circle, the very residence, where the crime happened, and Shannon won’t stop until her mother is avenged.

This was such an exciting concept, executed well with a character I wanted to follow to the very end. The story aced a slow-burn, eerie suspense through the actions—ranging from unnerving to appalling—surrounding Shannon. The characters were each perfectly shaped and impactful in the reader’s mind, one way or another: Shannon and her allies had my heart, and her enemies set my teeth on edge wonderfully. Shannon’s arc was fantastic, and the ending, with the stakes and suspense racked up, was an absolute gem. And I am so grateful how clean this thriller was.

The plot did seem to wander a bit for a portion of the second half, after a major event, but eventually came back onto a great track. There was one character who seemed primed to be a significant figure but was not, so the emphasis on his inclusion did not come full circle and his scenes seemed unnecessary. Finally, I also would have appreciated the writing style to be more immersive versus the fast-moving, almost skimming style, though even that felt well done.

I am truly grateful to have read this book; it connected with me in a way I’ve wanted for a long time. This deserves so much attention.

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