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Thieves’ Gambit by Kayvion Lewis

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I received a free ecopy from NetGalley in exchage for my honest review.

Ross Quest is a master thief in a family of master thieves, but she wants to try something new—until her mom is put in grave danger, and she pulls out all the stops to win The Thieves’ Gambit, a cutthroat competition where the world’s greatest young larcenists pull off impossible heists in exchange for a prize, one that is Ross’ only chance of saving her mom. But how far is Ross willing to go to win—and who can she trust? 

I have been waiting for a book of this caliber for so long! I could not get enough of each eccentric character, not only their styles, personalities, and skillsets, but also their backstories and motivations, drip-fed to us one excruciating cliffhanger and detail at a time. The suspense was top-notch—my chest was clenched the whole time as I waited for the next double-cross, the next sabotage, the next narrow escape, the next high-octane fight, the next selfless act. And the ending had my jaw on the floor; it’s not often I’m left blindsided in the best way imaginable, but this did it. 

There were moments when the theme about trusting others was a bit overt, as well as tropey moments (think, “crush at first sight with the strikingly handsome, uncannily gentlemanly, devilishly charming boy” or “go with the crush to a formal event as part of the mission”), which aren’t always my favorites, but I know other readers will fall in love with seeing those story beats get hit.  

And can I just say how cool the name Ross Quest is? 

Go read Theives’ Gambit by Kayvion Lewis as soon as possible!

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